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Hand Crafted Herbal Teas
There is nothing more satisfying and enjoyable then the fresh taste of hand crafted, loose-leaf herbal tea. These delicious and nourishing beverages make a lovely compliment to our mornings, a pick me up in the afternoons and, an integral part of our relaxation in the evenings.
Unlike conventional, finely cut tea found in mass manufactured tea bags, our loose-leaf herbal tea is fresh, fragrant, tasty, longer lasting and far more economical.
All of the teas at Mountain Rose are blended and made prior to your order to ensure quality and freshness. As with all the fine products offered by Mountain Rose Herbs, the quality and taste of these blends are unsurpassable and we guarantee you a smile.
Store these teas in a cool, dry place out of direct light. They are best, if used within one year of purchase.
Our line of teas are made with certified organic ingredients and/or carefully wildcrafted herbs whenever possible. Loose tea is packaged in 3 oz re-sealable kraft bags or 1 pound bulk bags complete with brewing instructions.

Ingredients marked with denotes organically grown ingredients.
We offer the nations first line of 100% certified organic herbal loose leaf teas accredited by the USDA and certified by Oregon Tilth Certified Organic. All organic teas will be marked "certified organic". All of our teas are Kosher Certified through OQK and certificates are avilable upon request.

-A Tea Infusion- (Infusion = Tea made from leaves, flowers and light material) Put 1-2 teaspoons of herbal tea material into a brewing utensil of your choice and place in a 6-8 oz size cup.Add 6-8 oz of boiling water and allow to steep for up to 3-5 minutes. Increase the quantity of material accordingly if using a teapot. For a more "medicinal" effect steep 15-30 minutes. Will keep refrigerated for 24 hours.

-A Tea Decoction- (Decoction = Tea made from bark, roots, seeds, twigs and berries) Put 1-3 tablespoons of cut herb, seed, root, bark, etc into a pot of 16-32 oz of water and allow to sit in cool water for at least 5-10 minutes. Bring water to a slow boil then turn down to a simmer for 10-30 minutes. (This depends on the strength of the tea you enjoy) Strain and drink. Will keep about 72 hours if kept refrigerated.

We offer these time-tested formulas for your general well-being and enjoyment. We make no health, therapeutic, or nutritive claims to the healing efficacy of these herbal tea blends. The empirical evidence of the ages speaks for itself. The names and recipes are from traditional sources of knowledge and may be considered folkloric in their description.

Allergy Season Blend
The refreshingly cool, minty flavor of this infusion blend, with its citrus undertone can assist you with the discomfort & symptoms associated with allergy season. Consider taking it ahead of time, along with freeze-dried Nettle Capsules or, Nettle & Eyebright Combination Capsules. Contains: Nettle , peppermint , spearmint , yerba santa, eyebright and lemongrass leaves, calendula , red clover and lavender flowers, fennel seeds and, a pinch of stevia .

Blossoms of Health Blend
Beautiful to look at, deliciously tasty and, it's good for you. A spirited, uplifting and energizing infusion blend. Contains: Ginkgo leaves , red clover leaves and flowers, nettle and meadowsweet leaves, calendula , chamomile and lavender flowers, gotu kola leaves and, a pinch of stevia .

The Blues Blend
Beat those "down in the dumps" feelings with this wonderful and great tasting infusion. Contains: Nettle leaves, St. John's wort herb, spearmint and damiana leaves, kava kava root and a pinch of stevia.

Citrus Tea (certified organic)
A tangy blend of real citrus! This zesty blend of citrus peel, and citrus oil makes an outstanding cup of tea. Great as a summer beverage, perfect for children and lovely iced.
Contains: Organic Orange peel, organic Lemon peel and organic sweet Orange essential oil.

Chamomile Tea (certified organic)
An aromatic, and flavorful tea made from whole organic Chamomile flowers. Great after dinner, and especially useful just before bed. A traditional remedy for lulling children to sleep, and is beneficial for upset tummies. Floral, and tasy.
Contains: Organic Chamomile flowers.

Dream Blend
This infusion blend is based on an ancient formula said to evoke powerful and colourful dreams. It is especially blended for the dreamer, stimulating vivid and easily recalled dreams. A light, minty yet, rich flavour. Very enjoyable after a rich or large dinner. Contains: peppermint, mugwort and damiana leaves, chamomile flowers, gotu kola and rosemary leaves, rose petals and, a pinch of stevia.

Easy Day Tea (certified organic)
A truly superb, and herbalicious beverage aptly titled Easy Day tea because of its unabashed simplicity. It can be consumed by young and old, in the evening or during the day, hot or iced. Full of green zest, with just the right hint of berry, and mint this tea blend is sure to be a family favorite and its yummy iced! Unique, inspiring and tasty.
Contains: blackberry leaf, linden leaf & flower, peppermint, lemon balm, and marshmallow leaf.

Echinacea & Roots Blend
Full flavoured with a rich, rooty, yet smooth and mellow taste. Good medicine that tastes great! and it will help strengthen and support your natural resistance. A very popular decoction blend; we drink it at the first signs of colds and flu symptoms. Contains: Echinacea purpurea root, pau d'arco, dandelion root (raw & roasted), sarsaparilla and cinnamon bark, ginger and burdock roots and , a pinch of sassafras bark and sweet leaf.

Evening Repose Blend
When the sun sets over the mountains and the new moon dips her silvery softness in to the clouds. Enjoy the harmony and dance of light across the twilight sky as you savour the tranquility in our Evening Repose. It is a perfect toast to the moon. A beautiful infusion blend with a robust flavor of flowers & mint. Contains: Rose petals, lavender flowers, lemon verbena leaves, chamomile flowers, peppermint and spearmint leaves, blue malva flowers and a pinch of stevia.

Fairytale Blend (certified organic)
A delicious drink for children and adults. A delightful and inspiring infusion blend full of flowers & fairy magic; perfect for bedtime stories.
Contains: calendula, red clover, lavender and chamomile flowers, lemon balm, catnip, spearmint, skullcap and thyme leaves, oatstraw, lemon peel and, a pinch of stevia.

Fidnemed Nighttime Blend (certified organic)
Fidnemed means a sacred and quiet forest grove. Relax, and enjoy some of this full flavored infusion blend after a hectic day. We almost called this `Sleep on Rocks' because it works so well. Contains: Lemon balm and skullcap leaves, hibiscus and hop flowers, valerian root, passionflower herb and lavender flowers.

5th Chakra Blend (certified organic)
Formerly Throat Soother tea. A warm & fruity decoction blend, sure to improve communication. Great for tickly, sore throats and very tasty too. Contains: Licorice, marshmallow and echinacea purpurea roots, cinnamon bark, orange peel, ginger root, fennel seeds and cloves.

Flashes Blend
This cooling and slightly astringent infusion blend is very helpful in soothing those hot "power surges". Brew up a pot and sip as needed or, refrigerate to enhance the cooling effect. Contains: Sage, motherwort dandelion, chickweed and violet leaves, elder flowers and, oatstraw.

Forests (formerly Lung Blend)
Formerly known as Lung Tea. Warms and decongests. Rich & festive tasting. Contains: Echinacea purpurea root, elecampane, ginger, pleurisy and licorice roots, white oak and cinnamon barks, orange peel and, fennel seed.

Happy Man Blend (certified organic)
All around tonic for men! A tasty, healthy decoction containing: Eleuthero/ Siberian ginseng root, dandelion, nettle root, marshmallow and burdock roots, hawthorn and saw palmetto berries, fennel seeds, oatstraw and a pinch of stevia.

Happy Tummy Blend (certified organic)
Support your healthy stomach with this soothing and yummy drink. Contains: Catnip, spearmint and lemongrass leaves, calendula flowers, skullcap, rosemary and sage leaves and, fennel seeds.

Hibiscus High Blend (certified organic)
The red flowering tropical hibiscus plant gives this infusion drink its unique taste and wonderful colour. Delicious hot or, cold with a slice of lemon. Contains: Hibiscus flowers, rose hips, lemongrass leaves, orange peel, spearmint leaves, rose petals and a pinch of stevia.

Lemon Tea (certified organic)
A powerfully refreshing cup of tea blended with the finest organic herbs. Our Lemon tea has just the right tang, and is great for children. Try it iced, especially during the summer.
Contains: Organic Lemon Verbena, organic Lemon Balm, and organic Lemongrass.

Memory Zest Blend (certified organic)
A mentally refreshing and good tasting infusion beverage, to help give you feelings of clarity and precision. Contains: Gingko, gotu kola and peppermint leaves, red clover, rosemary leaves, ginger root and stevia leaves.

Mint Tea (certified organic)
Delightful, refreshing and invigorating are a few words that come to mind after savoring this tea. A blend of mints from the Pacific Northwest, give this tea just the right harmony.
Contains: Organic Peppermint, organic Spearmint and organic Peppermint essential oil.

Moon Ease Blend
An indispensable and satisfying infusion blend perfect for that time of the month. Warming, comforting and, effective. Crampbark, chaste tree berries, spearmint and skullcap leaves, marshmallow root, passionflower herb & ginger root.

Oregon Organic Chai (Certified Organic)
A warm, piquant, and delightful Chai made form 100% certified organic materials. A great alternative or those that wish to avoid large amounts of caffeine, sugar, and dairy products, which are commonly found in commercial Chai products. An exotic beverage that is sure to tickle your taste buds!
Contains: Ginger root, Cinnamon, Cloves, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Darjeeling, Vanilla bean.
Traditionally used for- General health and taste

Contains Caffeine

Peace Blend (certified organic)
This is a gentle and calming nervine blend; a chance for reflection;an opportunity to imagine a peaceful world. Takes the stress out of life for a while. A wonderful infusion drink for meditation and quiet moments.
Contains: Chamomile flowers, spearmint leaves, passionflower herb, rose petals, lavender flowers and, cinnamon bark.

Persephone's Blend
Going down to the underworld and rising up renewed. When you've been overworked, overindulging or under stress remember ... Be kind to yourself and your liver. This is a blend for transitions, a drink to help support your hard-working liver. Contains: Dandelion, burdock, Oregon grape and yellow dock roots, Eleuthero root & milk thistle seed.

Quiet Child Blend (certified organic)
Refreshing minty flavour and a calming influence. Good for anytime of the day or right before bedtime. Contains: raspberry, catnip, spearmint, skullcap leaves, calendula flowers.

Vita-Blend (certified organic)
Delicious healthy blend for well-being. Contains: Alfalfa, nettle and peppermint leaves, oatstraw, lemongrass leaves, red clover and hibiscus flowers & horsetail.

Winter Spice Tea
A warming winter blend and a great stress reducer. A spicy, festive and delicious decoction. Contains: Eleuthero root, sarsaparilla and cinnamon barks, orange peel, cardamom, licorice, roasted dandelion and ginger roots with cloves.

Wise Woman Blend (certified organic)
A wonderful menopause infusion blend to celebrate our emerging wise woman within. Gently calms, cools & balances. Contains: Motherwort, sage, nettle, lemon balm and mugwort leaves, chaste tree berries and, horsetail.

Women's Balancing Blend (certified organic)
Rich, healthy, delicious and full of flavor, this is a balancing and toning infusion blend ideal for every day. Contains: Raspberry, peppermint and nettle leaves, oatstraw, ginger root, dandelion leaves, rose petals, chamomile flowers, horsetail and a pinch of stevia.

Woman's Freedom Blend
Harmony and energy. A liberating, enjoyable and flavourful decoction blend. Contains: Dandelion licorice and ginger roots, sarsaparilla root, fennel, star anise pods, burdock, dong quai and wild yam roots, cinnamon bark, pau d'arco and orange peel.

21st Century Blend
There are so many ways that our immune systems can be overwhelmed ... air, water, workplace, stress etc. This infusion blend is not only helpful, but comforting, strengthening and delicious. Contains: Red clover blossoms, nettle leaves, pau d'arco, alfalfa and sage leaves, St. John's wort herb and a hint of ginger root.



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