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Liquid Herbal Extracts

Created thousands of years ago by our herbal ancestors who originally crafted extracts by batching plant material with water, liquid herbal extracts have found an almost permanent place to call home within our cupboards. Among the advantages of herbal extracts are their ability to preserve the active constituents and their long shelf life. (Generally 1-3 years)

From here we can effortlessly and conveniently add herbal extracts to our water, tea, juice and they can be taken directly.

This is a great way to apply supplements to our seemingly excited and aggravated lives. If you live a time sensitive lifestyle and are unable to find the leisure to make your own preparations then liquid herbal extracts are the most practical products for you.

All of the herbal extracts we offer have been processed from fresh and/or quality dried plant material, and have been extracted with certified organic grain and grape alcohol. The reason for offering these particular extracts is simple…potency and superior quality. The process employed to manufacture these products involved careful detail, exclusive extracting methods, and unsurpassable integrity.

Each one comes packaged in an amber glass bottle with instructions.

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