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From: Eclectic Institute
Herbal extracts from Eclectic Institute are regarded as some of the highest quality extracts on the market. The plants gathered to make the certified organic line of products, come from Eclectic Institute's certified organic farm in Oregon and are harvested during their peak season for the freshest, highest quality herbal extract. From here, careful detail and exacting attention are employed during the manufacturing process using Organol technology from organically grown Grapes. This is a unique development in the herbal supplements industry that uses certified organic grape alcohol to extract the medicinal properties of the plants and their constituents. There is no corn or grain used in the manufacturing of these products which is beneficial for those with gluten and allergen sensitivities. This is the first and only extract on the market to date that is developed using organic ingredients in the extraction process, making it a completely certified organic herbal product, and tasty too! We have found these to be the highest quality, highest strength products currently available. Most of the below extracts are certified organic, or ethically wildcrafted when not organic.
We make no health, therapeutic, or nutritive claims to the healing efficacy of these extracts. The empirical evidence of the ages speaks for itself.

Choose from 1 oz and 4 oz bottles.
Both sizes come in amber glass bottle. 1 oz bottle is accompanied with glass dropper and 4 oz bottle comes with standard screw cap.

Black Cohosh-Kava Kava
Assists in reducing cramps, muscular pain and helps to promote general pain relief.
Contains: Fresh Black Cohosh root, Kava Kava root, Jamaican Dogwood bark, and organic Ginger root.inacea Purpurea seed, and organic Goldenseal root.


Black Walnut-Wormwood
Assists in intestinal cleansing and anti-parasite support.
Contains: Fresh Black Walnut green outer hull, organic Wormwood flower & leaf, organic Thyme leaf, Cascara Sagrada bark, Cinnamon bark, Quassia wood, peppermint essential oil and vegetable glycerin.

Devil's Claw-Yucca
Assists in the reduction of joint inflammation and arthritic discomfort.
Contains: Devil's Claw, fresh Yucca root, organic Ginger root, fresh organic Dandelion plant, fresh Black Cohosh root.

Dong Quai-Wild Yam
Aids female hormonal & pre-menstrual balance. Not for pregnancy.
Contains: Dong Quai root, fresh Wild Yam root, fresh Blue Cohosh root, and Chaste Tree berry.

Echinacea Premium
Superior immune system support.
Contains: Fresh Echinacea Angustifolia root, fresh organic Echinacea Purpurea root, leaf, flower, and seed, fresh Echinacea Pallida root, and fresh organic Echinacea Tennesseensis root.

Supports immune system and helps provide additional protection against infections.
Contains: Fresh Echinacea Angustifolia root, fresh organic Goldenseal root, fresh organic Echinacea Purpurea root and juice of tops.

Ginkgo-Gotu Kola
Helps to support normal function of adrenal & nervous systems.
Contains: Fresh Ginkgo leaf, fresh organic Gotu Kola leaf, fresh organic green Oat seed, and Eleutherococcus root.

Kava Kava-California Poppy
Helpful for anti-anxiety support and supporting relaxation.
Contains: Fresh Kava Kava root, fresh California Poppy plant, fresh organic Passionflower leaf, flower & fruit, and fresh Jamaican Dogwood bark.

Male Formula
Helpful in supporting endurance, stamina and general vitality for men.
Contains: Muira Puama root and stem, Catuaba bark, Eleutherococcus root, and woods grown American Ginseng root.

Milk Thistle-Dandelion
Helpful for supporting healthy liver function.
Contains: Milk Thistle seed, fresh organic Dandelion plant, Red root, and fresh Oregon Grape root.

Motherwort-Black Cohosh
Aids female hormonal balance.
Contains: Fresh Motherwort flowering tops, fresh Black Cohosh root, fresh organic Alfalfa flower & leaf, Hops, Anise seed, Anise seed essential oil.

Promotes relief and reduces discomfort associated with nose & sinus type allergies.
Contains: Fresh Nettles leaf, Eyebright flower and leaf, fresh Mullein leaf, and filtered water.

Red Clover-Burdock
Helpful for promoting healthy skin, and liver support. Assists in the elimination of toxins.
Contains: Fresh organic Red Clover blossoms, fresh organic Burdock root, fresh Oregon Grape root, fresh Queen's root, Licorice root, Cascara Sagrada bark, Buckthorn bark, Prickly Ash bark, Potassium iodide (used to prevent thyroid uptake of radioactive molecules), and Bitter Orange essential oil.

Saw Palmetto-Nettles
Encourages healthy prostate function and supports a healthy urinary tract for men.
Contains: Saw Palmetto berry, fresh Nettle root, fresh Echinacea Angustifolia root, fresh Pippsissewa leaf, fresh Ocotilla bark, and fresh Red Cedar leaf.

St John's Wort-Lemon Balm
Helpful for maintaining emotional balance and general relief from nervous anxiety.
Contains: St John's Wort flower & leaf, organic Lemon Balm leaf, fresh organic green Oat seed, and fresh Kava Kava root.

Helpful for promoting relaxation and aiding in ones sleep.
Contains: Fresh Valerian root, fresh Passionflower flower and leaf, fresh organic Chamomile flowers, Hops, Anise seed, and filtered water.

Assists emotional and hormonal balance relative to a woman's menstrual cycle.
Contains: Vitex berry, fresh organic Burdock root, fresh organic Oat seed, fresh organic Calendula flower, and fresh Cleavers.

Vitex-Dong Quai
Helpful for encouraging hormonal balance and grace during pre-menopause.
Contains: Vitex berry, Dong Quai root, fresh organic Burdock root, Eleutherococcus root, fresh Black Cohosh root, and fresh organic Motherwort.



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