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Herbal Capsules At Viable Health we are very meticulous and critical about the quality of the capsules we provide for you.
We do not measure our products integrity by its value as a "finished product".
Instead, we stress the importance in determining the origins of the material used to make the capsule and its manner of production. That is why we offer only superior herbal capsules made from the freshest certified organic or wild harvested material, and encapsulated by scientific facilities with organic certification.
We do not stock commercially cultivated herbal capsules, and we never will. Just fresh, whole, organic botanical capsules. The way Mother Nature intended.
Herbal capsules are a great alternative to those of us with time restrictions and demanding schedules. Simple, economical, seamless and versatile, capsules have proven themselves as the ultimate convenience staple. Easily store them in your pantry or medicine chest during times of need and they will pay you back kindly!

We offer three types of capsules

Single Herbal Capsules- Capsules containing just one herb. These are most commonly used as a supplement to your daily diet.

Combination Capsules- Capsules with a combination of herbs specifically formulated to assist with particular ailments.

Freeze Dried- The most potent capsules originating from fresh picked material and then freeze dried immediately before encapsulation. These are so fresh that when one opens a capsule you can still smell the fresh herbal material.

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