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All essential oils are steam distilled unless otherwise noted

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Aromatherapy Blends

Aroma Oil Aroma Oils

Unique blends of pure essential oils created for special occasions. Wonderful perfumes. Concentrated blends in a jojoba, almond & grapeseed oil. Use sparingly. Avoid while pregnant. Use on your temple, pulse points and back of neck. Potent and practical.

Aphrodite Oil
Sensuous, spicy, just a little floral. Sure to kindle flames. The Patchouli adds just the right amount of musky exotic without being over-powering. The Rose adds sophistication and romance to this rather sexy body perfume. A favorite with many of us at Mountain Rose. With essential oils of Palmarosa, Sandalwood, Attar of Roses and organic Patchouli.


Spirit Oil
Created to use before and during ritual. It is wonderful in meditation and yoga too. Based on an old recipe that promised "visions of fairies" ... Cool, clear and uplifting with an smooth, earthy and grounding base. With essential oils of Sandalwood, organic Sweet Lavender, Cypress, Cedarwood, Fir needle, Sweet Marjoram and Sage.

Heart Oil
Warming, balancing; full of gentle inspiring joy; this is a wonderful antidote for bad days and depression. Mellow, warm and gently sweet. An exquisite perfume! With essential oils of organic Sweet Lavender, organic Ylang Ylang, Attar of Roses, Chamomile (Roman) and Sweet Marjoram.

Chakra Oils
Seven pure aromatherapy oil blends created to correspond with the seven chakras. Use for meditation, yoga and spiritual practice. Concentrated, unadulterated essential oils. Each set of Chakra Oils comes in a black felt carrying pouch, tied with ribbon and includes instructions.
Set of seven 1/24 oz. Chakra Oils

Sleep Ease Oil
A wonderful solution to stress and tension! This soothing and very relaxing aromatherapy blend, has a mellow, mildly warm, slightly sweet fragrance with a pleasant bittersweet undertone. It is sure to lull you off to sleep. Try on your temple, put a few drops on a cloth inside your pillow or, enjoy just an aromatic "sniff" during the day for an instant calming stress-reliever! Our new improved formula includes essential oils of Sweet Marjoram, Hop flowers, Valerian, Chamomile & organic Sweet Lavender.

Amber Essence
Amber Oils and Resins

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From Eden Botanicals come this exquisite Amber oils and resins. All of their products are crafted from highly fragrant resins, gums and botanicals and linger on the body for hours. A provocative and sensual collection of aromatics sure to arouse the senses.

Amber Essence Resin
Amber essence is a crystallized mixture of aromatic resins and oils native to India. Its wonderful scent is used as a perfume and as an alluring aphrodisiacal scent, dissolving into the skin at body temperature and lingering for hours. Comes in a beautiful hand carved rosewood box and we also have refills available.


Amber Essence Oil

Hand extracted, unique oil from amber resin. Makes an exotic, evocative and sensual perfume. 1/3-ounce bottle.


Patchouli/Amber Spice Oil

Hand extracted, unique oil from amber resins and natural plant oils. A well blended perfume with a base of Amber resin, Sumatran patchouli oil, Balsam of Peru and cardamom essential oil. Delightfully intriguing. Makes an alluring perfume. 1/3-ounce bottle.
Patchouli/Amber Spice Oil 1/3 oz.


Sandalwood Dreams Oil

Hand extracted, from a unique process of Sandalwood exudes and oils. A fabulously rich and authentic Sandalwood perfume. This is not a synthetic fragrance oil, but a true blend of exotic Sandalwood oils from around the world. Warming, grounding, and very erotic.




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