Celebration through Aroma!

Celebration through Aroma!

Essential Oils & Aromatherapy Supplies

For thousands of years cultures from China to Egypt and Bulgaria to France have mastered the timeless art of capturing a plants essence to create lovely and exquisite fragrances. Realizing the major impacts these scents played in our lives, and with the recent advent of science and technology, we are able to understand why our bodies and minds experience these pleasurable and euphoric reactions.
Through gas chromatography and mass spectral analysis we can now see the beneficial and often concentrated healing properties of these amazing oils.
Since 1987 Mountain Rose has become the leading organic supplier of pure botanical products and these years of experience have given us highly developed skills in procuring the finest oils from around the globe. Throughout all these fun and festive years, we have fostered long and loving relationships with distillers in the US, Canada, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovenia, France, and Egypt. These relationships have guaranteed a keen eye on not only the quality of the finished oil, but the techniques and methods used to grow and harvest the raw materials.
We invite you to celebrate this classic art form and, experience for yourself, the fun and joy to be had in aromatherapy.

We purchase and stock only the finest quality, therapeutic grade essential oils from reputable distillers and suppliers we know, trust, and have a wonderful working relationship with. We are so confident in the quality of our oils that we can provide gas chromatography analysis and specifications on the volatility and integrity on many of the essential oils we stock. Every oil we offer is 100% Pure Therapeutic Quality. With the exception to Lavender 40/42 which is a blend of several different lavenders and the essential oils which have been extracted by alcohol, i.e. "absolutes." While these make fine perfumes and have some of the most striking scents on earth, they do not qualify as "Therapeutic Grade"

Pictured from left to right: Vetiver, German Chamomile, and Patchouli

Our of essential oils are 100% pure, natural plant oils with no added water, alcohol, carriers or other diluents. They are suitable for aromatherapy, cosmetics, cooking, and body application. (please refer to hazard chart prior to applying essential oils on the body or internally) Before using essential oils internally, you should consult with a licensed and reputable practitioner, or cross examine with reliable literature.

We are happy to offer you a growing number of certified organic essential oils. Considering the amount of pesticide use from the planting to the harvest, we are very concerned about the low quality of many of the essential oils available on the market today that are being sold as "top quality" and the questionable claims associated with them. We do painstaking research, and insist on the location of harvest, methods used to extract the oils, data reports assuring the oils character, and even how the vats are cleaned! While many of the plants may be grown organically, the processing and distilling is less predictable or controllable, and cross contamination can occur. Although organic harvest and certification is quite the process, more essential oils are becoming available organically and you can be assured that you are getting the quality you desire. One day we can look forward to all the oils we carry having organic ertification.

The essential oils we stock are obtained by steam distillation of the plant's volatile oils; (*Please note that ABSOLUTES are extracted with a solvent, usually alcohol or other hydrocarbons -- e.g., hexane. While not suitable for therapeutic Aromatherapy, they do make wonderful perfumes and are alcohol soluble).

Because of Essential Oils intense concentration, they should be kept out of reach of children and away from light & heat. Use only by the drop or dilute in a "carrier" oil such as jojoba. Always use caution when working with essential oils. Learn about an oil before you use it. Before applying any essential oil undiluted on the skin, even one that you don't think is a skin irritant - put one rop on your inner wrist and cover. If any irritation results, do not use.

Curious to know what makes and essential oil Therapeutic Grade. Click Here to find out.

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Rose attar oil distillation
Rose attar oil distillation (Bulgaria)



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