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For current medical information, call your local Poison Control Center.
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Stedman's Shorter Medical Dictionary
by T. L. Stedman, M.D., Wilcox & Follett Co., 1942

In all cases of poisoning by substances taken by way of the stomach there are five indications for immediate treatment.

  1. Act quickly.
  2. Empty the stomach by lavage or emetic - the first even if the poison itself has caused vomiting, but not the second when corrosives have been taken.
  3. Neutralize by the appropriate antidote whatever remains in the stomach, despite emetics or lavage, bearing in mind that some poisons are secreted again in the stomach after having been absorbed.
  4. Aid elimination by the bowels and kidneys of what has been absorbed.
  5. Treat the condition resulting from the action of the poison.

The giving of whites of eggs is useful in most cases of poisoning, and tannin is antidotal to all alkaloids.

Acetanilid (antifebrin) Acids Corrosive Aconite Alcohol
Alkalies, Corrosive Ammonia Antipyrine Arsenic
Atropine Barbital Group Arium and its Salts Camphor
Cantharides Carbolic Acid Carbon Monoxide Chloral
Chloroform Cocaine Colchicum Conium
Copper Corrosive Sublimate
( See Mercuric Salts )
Croton Oil Digitalis
Ergot Gelsemium Hydrocyanic Acid Iodine
Lead Lobelia Mercuric Salts Nitric Acid - See Acids, Corrosive
Nitroglycerin Opium Oxalic Acid Paris Green, Rough on Rats - See Arsenic
Phenol - See Carbolic Acid Phenacetin - See Antipyrine Phosphorus Physostigma
Picrotoxin Strophanthus - See Digitalis Strychnine Sulfonal, Trional
Tansy Oil Tartar Emetic Tobacco Veratrum Viride
Zinc Salts      

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