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Sabadilla Safflower Saffron Saffron, Meadow
Sages St. John's Wort Salep Salsafy
Salvias Samphire Samphire, Golden Sandalwood
Sandspurry, Common Sanicle, Wood Sarsaparilla, American Sarsaparilla, Caracao
Sarsaparilla, Jamaica Sarsaparilla, Indian Sarsaparilla, Wild Sassafras
Sassy Bark Saunders, Red Savine Savory, Summer
Savory, Winter Saw Palmetto Saxifrage, Burnet Saxifrage, Greater Burnet
Scabious, Field Scabious, Lesser Scabious, Devils's Bit Scammony
Scopolia Scullcaps Scurvy Grass Sea Fennel
Sea Lavender Seaweed Sedge, Sweet Self-Heal
Senega Senna Senna, Bladder Sensitive Plant
Shallot Sheep's Sorrel Shepherd's Purse Siegesbeckia
Silverweed Simaruba Skirret Skunk-Cabbage
Slippery Elm Smartweed Smilax, China Snakeroot
Snakeroot, Button Snapdragon Snowdrop Soap Tree
Soapwort Soapwort Root, Egyptian Solamon's Seal Sorrel, Common
Sorrel, French Sorrel, Mountain Sorrel, Sheep's Sorrel, Wood
Southernwood Southernwood, Field Sow-Thistles Spaghnum
Spearmint Spearwort, Lesser Speedwell, Common Speedwell, Germander
Spikenard, American Spikenard, Californian Spikenard, Ploughman's Spinach
Spinach, New Zealand Spindle Tree Spergularia Spurges
Squaw Vine Squill Squirting Cucumber Star Anise
Star of Bethlehem Stavasacre Stonecrops Stone Root
Storax Stramonium Strawberry Strophanthus
Sumachs Sumbul Sundew Sunflower
Swamp Milkweed      

Botanical graphics from Missouri Botanical Garden
1995-2003 Missouri Botanical Garden

Bear in mind "A Modern Herbal" was written with the conventional wisdom of the early 1900's.   This should be taken into account as some of the information may now be considered inaccurate,   or not in accordance with modern medicine.



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