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Abscess Root Acacis Acacia Bark Acacia Catechu
Acacia (false) Acacia (gum) Aconite Adder's Tongue (American)
Adder's Tongue (English) Adonis Adrue Agar-Agar
Agaric Agave Agrimony Agrimony (Hemp)
Agrimony (Water) Alder, Black American Alder, Common Alder Buckthorn
Alder, Tag Alecost Alexanders Alkanets
Allspice Almonds Aloes Alstona
Alstonia Bark Amaranths Amaranth, Wild Ammoniacum
Anachusa Anemones Anemone Pulsatilla Anemone (Wood)
Angelica Angelica Tree Angostura (True) Anise
Anise (Star) Annatto Antirrhinum Apple
Apple (Balsam) Apple (Bitter) Apple, Custard Aploppas
Apocyrum Apricot Aralias Araroba
Arbutus (Strawberry Tree) Arbutus, Trailing Archangel Areca Nut
Arenaria Rubra Arnica Arrachs or Oraches Arrach (Garden)
Arrach (Halberd-Leaved) Arrach (Wild) Arrowhead Arrowroot
Artichoke,Jerusalem Artichoke, Globe Artichoke, Chinese Artichoke, Cardoon
Arum Asafetida Asarabacca Asclepias
Ash Ash, Bitter Ash, Manna Ash, Mountain
Ash, Prickly Ash, Wafer Asparagus Asphodel
Aubergine Auricula Avens Avens (Mountain)
Avens, Water Azadirachta    

Botanical graphics from Missouri Botanical Garden
1995-2003 Missouri Botanical Garden

Bear in mind "A Modern Herbal" was written with the conventional wisdom of the early 1900's.   This should be taken into account as some of the information may now be considered inaccurate,   or not in accordance with modern medicine.



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