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Our Company Goal is to offer clear and concise information on various topics of health and wellness. Our Internet Web Site is designed to inform, and educate, the public on the benefits of botanical herbs and herbal compounds.

Essentials | Bulk Herbs, Organic Herbs, Spices, Loose Tea & Essential Oils. Herbal medicines are gaining acceptance throughout the world. People are seeking natural solutions to their health challenges and overall wellness.

We specialize in the research and distribution of numerous herbal products to all markets. The company is dedicated to bringing the public quality products and service.

Viable Health is proud to offer a premium line of alternative medicine through our herbal products.

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About Our Products

All our product consist of 100% pure standardized herbal extracts and herb material - No fillers,   grains,   soy,   yeast,   sugars,   binders,   excipients,   starches,   or synthetic materials.   Guaranteed fresh and not from "warehouse stock". Processed and handled according to strict organic and kosher standards.   Analyzed for quality, safety and true botanical identity.

We at Viable Health are committed to providing you exceptional quality organic herbs and spices that are unsurpassed in taste,   aroma,   color,   and key nutrients.   The result is a far more beneficial product that your body and mind will thank you for.

Each botanical we offer is sampled,   screened,   analyzed,   and lot recorded by both labratory and quality control departments.   Guaranteeing you a superior herbal product that is consistant,   safe,   and   effective.

Please explore our website and see the many healthful producs we offer.

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Article by Fred Raleigh, Pharm.D., BCPP
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Herbal Capsules

Herbal Capsules At Viable Health we are very meticulous and critical about the quality of the capsules we provide for you. We do not measure our products integrity by its value as a "finished product". Instead, we stress the importance in determining the origins of the material used to make the capsule and its manner of production. That is why we offer only superior herbal capsules made from the freshest certified organic or wild harvested material, and encapsulated by scientific facilities with organic certification. We do not stock commercially cultivated herbal capsules, and we never will. Just fresh, whole, organic botanical capsules. the way Mother Nature intended. Herbal capsules are a great alternative to those of us with time restrictions and demanding schedules. Simple, economical, seamless and versatile, capsules have proven themselves as the ultimate convenience staple. Easily store them in your pantry or medicine chest during times of need and they will pay you back kindly!

We offer three types of capsules

Single Herbal Capsules- Capsules containing just one herb. These are most commonly used as a supplement to your daily diet.
Combination Capsules- Capsules with a combination of herbs specifically formulated to assist with particular ailments.
Freeze Dried- The most potent capsules originating from fresh picked material and then freeze dried immediately before encapsulation. These are so fresh that when one opens a capsule you can still smell the fresh herbal material.


[Check This Out] Allergy support
      A superb ally in reduce the discomfort of
[Check This Out] Blood Support
      Healthy blood support.
[Check This Out] Blood Sugar Balance
      Assists with supporting healty blood sugar levels.
[Check This Out] Bone and Joint Support
      A source of herbal minerals. Bone and joint support
[Check This Out] Circulatory Support
      Cardiovascular and circulatory support
[Check This Out] Cleansing Support
      Essiac -like tonic. Cleansing tonic
[Check This Out] Cold-Care
      Promote a healthy immune system
[Check This Out] Digestive Support
      Digestive support
[Check This Out] Immune Support
      Anti-viral support.
[Check This Out] Intestinal Support
      Anti-parasite and intestinal support
[Check This Out] Liver Support
      Supports healthy liver function.
[Check This Out] Liver-Care
      Helps to support a healthy liver function
[Check This Out] Male Care
     Support for male stamina, endurance
     and sexual libido.
[Check This Out] Memory Support
     Supports healthy cerebral circulation
     and cognitive performance
[Check This Out] Meno Care
     Support for female stamina, endurance
     and sexual libido.
[Check This Out] Menopause Support
      Phytoestrogen formula. Menopause support
[Check This Out] Mood Balance
      Anti-depressant support
[Check This Out] Nasal Support
      Nose and sinus tonic
[Check This Out] PMS Support
      PMS support
[Check This Out] Prostate Support
      For healthy prostate support.
[Check This Out] Relaxation Support
      Anti-anxiety/tension support
[Check This Out] Relaxation Support
      Assists in relaxation
[Check This Out] Urinary Tract Support
      Urinary tract support
[Check This Out] Yeast Balance
      Anti-fungal and helpful for yeast infections & Arteries
[Check This Out] American Native Black Salve
      Standardized herbal extracts of Red Clover,
     Sheep Sorrel, Bloodroot, Gaiangal Tri-Calcium
[Check This Out] MSM
     Methylsulfonylmethane for osteoarthritis,
     rheumatoid arthritis, and related conditions.
     A Pain Reliever



FDA Notice

Each of the products contained in this Web Site are being sold as dietary supplements.

Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent disease.